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Many sectors in Canada are experiencing, or will soon experience, a severe labour shortage due to an aging workforce, limited entry into trades-related occupations and various other national or international economic factors. Like IT industry sectors, Canada’s other industries like Manufacturing, Food, Construction and Transportation industries, have been facing a shortage for some time.

Welders, Machine Operators, CNC Technician and Mechanics, Trucking supervisors, Warehousing Supervisors, and Skilled workers in manufacturing occupations.

Food service–
Restaurant Supervisors, Kitchen Supervisor, Food and Beverage Supervisor, Cooks, Chefs, Line Cooks, Butchers and Meat Cutters

Long Haul truck drivers, Automotive Service Technicians, Truck Mechanics and Repairers and other skilled workers in Transport Trades

Concrete Finishers, Bricklayers, Masons, Construction Estimators and Inspectors, Cabinetmakers, Carpenters and Painters

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants, Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers, Computer and Network Operators, Web Technicians, Web Designers and Developers

MACROGLOBAL has successfully assisted and represented many employers and helped them in obtaining positive LMIAs from Service Canada for the foreign national that they want to recruit. Service Canada evaluates if the prospective employer has made reasonable efforts to hire a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident and if the wages and working conditions of the employment offered are sufficient to attract and retain Canadians in the employment. Service Canada can also consider other elements that might indicate a benefit for Canada and Canada employment-seekers.
With the new simplified process put in place by Service Canada as well as IRCC, selected candidates can be in Canada in around 3 – 4 months from the date the application is filed by them. The Immigration Work Permit will state that the foreign national can work in a specific employment capacity for a specific period of time for a specific employer. An Immigration Work Permit will NOT be issued to a foreign national to come to Canada to look for employment.

If you had made an outland application to sponsor your spouse and children or parents and their dependent children, and their application is refused for permanent residency in Canada, IRCC provides an excellent opportunity to appeal your case to Immigration Appeal Division a branch of Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. This is prescribed by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). It gives right to the sponsor to appeal to IAD. Our certified consultants can represent you as a sponsor.
A sponsorship appeal process is not fast track. In many cases, the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) member, who is making the final decision, will request the appeal record with all the information about sponsorship refusal decision. IRCC usually provides it within 120 days (i.e, 4 months) from the date requested. The sponsor will get it too.

After reviewing the sponsorship refusal file and record, an IAD member may do any of the following:

  • Request additional information from you or your immigration lawyer. It is important to respond to that or your application for appeal may be abandoned.
  • Suggest an informal meeting, known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This one is conducted between the sponsor, Minister’s counsel and IAD. The goal of ADR is to clarify, discuss, and agree on a decision. Again, it is important to appear for the ADR conference, otherwise, your appeal may be abandoned.
  • Schedule a sponsorship appeal hearing. A Notice to Appear for a hearing at the Immigration Appeal Division will be sent to a sponsor or immigration lawyer at least 4 weeks before the hearing date. It is important to attend the hearing; otherwise, your appeal may be abandoned. You’ll probably need a professional to represent you and prepare the appeal letter/submissions, documents, witnesses, translations that all must be received by IAD at least 20 days before the sponsorship appeal hearing.

If you are looking for an Immigration Consultant to represent you, then please contact us at Macroglobal Immigration Services Ltd